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About us
LineOn Power Pvt. Ltd is a leading global provider of comprehensive power quality and backup power management solutions, consistently delivering the products demanded by today's digital economy under the Line On brand. LineOn Power Pvt. Ltd include the broadest range of power quality products and services available today.

It is our mission to give our customers the confidence that power problems will not disrupt their systems, data, and operation. This confidence is delivered through more than 5 years of solid performance, in-depth knowledge of customer applications, continuous innovations and world-class services. LineOn Power Pvt. Ltd have been recognized by Soalar users and industry experts for delivering highest customer value and satisfaction as well as for demonstrating most insight into customer needs among all Solar Product vendors.

We are a leading manufaturer of solar power and solar energy products such as solar panels, complete solar panel systems, balance of system solar energy components, solar chargers and charge controllers, solar inverters, commercial and industrial solar panel systems,industrial and commercial operations and applications.

If quality service, experience and expertise, personal assistance, and quality, brand-name products is what you need then please allow us to serve you.

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